What are the difference between c++ and Java ?

Both Java programming language and C++ are object-oriented programming languages, yet there are contrasts between them. Regardless, Java is an OOP language; accordingly, everything is a protest in Java (single root chain of command as everything gets got from java.lang.Object). Despite what might be expected. In C++, there is no such root chain of command. C++ underpins both procedural and object-oriented programming; in this way, it is known as a hybrid.

Java C++
Java is platform independent C++ is platform dependent
There are no pointers in java There are pointers in C++
There is no operator overloading in java C ++ has operator overloading
There is garbage collection in java There is no garbage collection
Supports multi-threading Doesn’t support multi-threading
There are no templates in java There are templates in java
There are no global variables in java There are global variables in c++