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Install Node.js in Ubuntu

Installation instructions

Node.js v14.x:

Node.js v13.x:

Node.js v12.x:

Node.js v10.x:

Node.js v9.x:

Node.js v8.x:

Node.js v7.x:

Node.js v6.x:

Node.js v5.x:

Node.js v4.x:

Node.js v0.12:

Node.js v0.10:

For more info:- Link

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Angular CLI & Troubleshooting

You encountered issues during the installation of the CLI or setup of a new Angular project?

A lot of problems are solved by making sure you’re using the latest version of NodeJS, npm and the CLI itself.

Updating NodeJS:

Go to and download the latest version – uninstall (all) installed

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